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My name's Ron and I would like to share with you my love and passion for music, culture, people. 
As far as I could recall at 5 years old, I was climbing and reaching for the Stereo system and playing the LP record Abba, out of curiosity of watching my Dad operate the Technics system and waking up early 7 am the still sleepy neighbors
in the suburbs of Manila. I loved the music and was instantly hooked by its rhythm and harmonies. I enjoyed seeing the faces of people inside the indiscrete house who seemed to be in a good mood, their movements were lighthearted and there was laughter at work (Bakery inside the house). 
I gradually learned to some degree different music instruments violin, harmonica, recorder, piano, organ, and even vocal lessons (later on, Karaoke accelerated my learning) 
Eventually, I got to play in a variety band playing covers of EWF, Gloria Gaynor, Kool & the Gang, Adele, Carlos Santana to name a few.
One day while I  was watching Bollywood and to make the long story short, 
I was listening to music from Persia to the Arabian peninsula to European/Russian classics and current hits, Asian, even Tibet, and Mongolian Tuvan throat singing.
I immerse myself in the culture, music, and some phrases of language. also if you

give me time as a surprise to your partner in life, I can sing live a song or 2 in your preferred native language.
This helps me impart the fun and enjoyable music that knows no boundaries.
And this is the personal goal for every event I perform in.

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